The Spirituality of Togetherness

“Barry Jones said it well, ‘One of the most important spiritual disciplines for us to recover in the kind of world in which we live is the discipline of table fellowship.’

A couple weeks ago, we invited our neighbors over for dessert at our table in our backyard. Sue made one of her ‘award winning’ trifles and since our neighbors are Indian, they made some wonderful almond cookies. We sat on our back porch on a beautiful night sharing stories, eating dessert, and learning about how we each had met our spouses. We heard of their journey to America and shared some of our journeys as well. Each of us had many questions, but we laughed, learned, and enjoyed each other’s presence. In the end, Sue and I realized we were breaking down social divides and becoming more aware of those with different stories and journeys. The table of fellowship had opened the door.”

— Pastor Bob Henry, 2023.
“The Table of Welcome,” Indianapolis First Friends Quaker Meeting.


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Reach out to someone in your community and invite them over for a meal, a cup of coffee at a cafe, or just a walk.

Practice a listening ministry.

What spiritual exercises do you find nourishing?

What do you find yourself doing when you are stressed or upset? When you’re joyful? What does your body need before you can connect with Spirit?