God’s Attention

“The central thrust of Early Quaker preaching was a call to people to know Christ as the Prophet, the one who is to be heard and obeyed, in all things. One of the first things that people did, when convinced by this message, was to gather together with others, likewise convinced, to hear their Christ, their Teacher. Once we understand this, we can see that gathering together in silence to hear Christ Jesus, is the only proper human response to God’s call to hear His Son. In that way, Quaker worship is itself, a response to God’s call to hear and obey Christ Jesus. […]

It is true, of course, that part of that response is to become still and attentive, so that we can hear Christ’s voice and receive his teaching, but that does not mean that silent worship is a technique that either demands or even guarantees God’s attention.”

— Allistair Lomax, 2011
Quaker Worship and ‘Centering Down’

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Take a few minutes of silence to wait attentively for the Teacher’s voice.

How do you hear the still, small voice?

How do you create the conditions that help you hear that voice? What does “expectant waiting” mean to you?