The Light to Do Most Good

Were we religious we should know
Our path were not for all to go;
Each has his individual light,
To show what work for him is right.

Then let us trust the Father knows
Just how that each one’s pathway goes,
And do not let us interfere,
Condemning those who do not hear

Or see their way as we would guide;
Their inward voice we have not tried,
And we their duty cannot see,
Each soul and God can judges be.

Oh! let us not self-righteous be,
Believing all should see as we;
The human race God understood,
Gave each the light to do most good.

— Martha Shepard Lippincott, 1901
From “Religion,” Visions of Life

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Pause and consider how you are given “the light to do most good.” How does the world need your light today?

How does your body help you connect to spirit?

How does physical movement change your spiritual experience? How do you prepare your body for worship? How does your spiritual life enhance your appreciation of the physical world?