A Great Discovery

“The first Quakers, of the middle seventeenth century, had obviously made a great discovery. It not only changed their lives, giving them peace of mind and great joy, but it also fired them up to share what they had found and to hold it even when they were imprisoned and beaten for doing so. But what had they discovered? […] ‘The light’ within them that showed them the way, ‘the truth’ that set them free, ‘the life’ which sprang up within them and between them, and ‘the power’ which enabled them to do the seemingly impossible.”

— Rex Ambler, 2001
“Light to Live By: An Exploration in Quaker Spirituality,” Cary Lecture.

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Think about a time you made a great spiritual discovery.
How did it influence your path?

What is the value of spirituality in your life?

How do you define spirituality? How has your spirituality changed over the course of your life? What is different when you are more or less connected to your spirituality?