The Journey Begins

This Month’s Theme: Spiritual Discipline

A spiritual discipline is any regular practice that helps you feel close to Spirit. From reading scripture, to walking, to singing, there are many ways to nourish your relationship with the Divine. Reading the Daily Quaker Message is a spiritual discipline, too!

This month you are invited to reflect on your own spiritual journey and try different spiritual disciplines on for size.

“The journey begins with longing, a desire for greater intimacy with God. This longing is experienced in many different ways, often as a heartfelt yearning for connection with God, or the need to be obedient to the divine will. Sometimes it manifests as dissatisfaction with the religious beliefs or practices in which one has been raised, or in dissatisfaction with the ways of the world. More generally, one might simply feel a longing for the way of truth or love.”

— Marcelle Martin, 2012
Ten Elements of the Quaker Spiritual Journey

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Take a few minutes to ponder your heart’s longing, and what you hope a spiritual practice can offer you.

What is the value of spirituality in your life?

How do you define spirituality? How has your spirituality changed over the course of your life? What is different when you are more or less connected to your spirituality?