Does Scripture Move You?

In the above painting, 19th century British prison reformer and Quaker Elizabeth Fry reads the bible to inmates at Newgate Prison. At Newgate, Fry established a school for children imprisoned with their parents, worked to get sentences commuted, and successfully campaigned for men and women to be separated to improve women’s safety. She taught female prisoners handwork skills to help them earn an income while incarcerated.

— Painting by Jerry Barrett, 1863
“Mrs. Fry reading to the Prisoners in Newgate, in the year 1816.” Mixed media.

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Notice each person’s expression as they listen to Elizabeth Fry read the Bible in the painting above. Do you recognize your own feelings about devotional reading on any of their faces?

How can spiritual discipline enrich your life?

What areas of spiritual practice would you like to improve on? How can you practice patience with yourself as you move toward your goals incrementally?