Common Ground for Understanding

“I have been at a Quaker school since the age of eleven and one of the things I have found to be most important is how Quakerism embraces and acknowledges differences, whether they be racial or cultural ones, or gender and religion. Where there is less focus on similarities and an appreciation of individuality and difference, there is common ground for understanding which I think is part of what makes up the Quaker ethos and the integration of diversity at my school.”

Sakinah Hassan, 2005 (age 13)
Whispers of Faith: Young Friends share their experiences of Quakerism

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Set an intention to notice and appreciate the diversity of the living things you encounter today, from plants, to animals, to people.

How does diversity enrich your community?

What have you learned from those in your community who are different from you? What is the value of religious and theological diversity? What have you done to be a welcoming presence to people of diverse backgrounds, abilities, and identities in your community?