The Faith of a Quaker

“When I sit down in meeting I recall whatever may have struck me freshly during the past week. This is in part, initially at least, a voluntary and outward act… It means that the will is given up to service; and it is quite possible to stop everything by taking an opposite attitude. So thoughts suggest themselves – a text that has smitten one during the week – new light on a phrase – a verse of poetry – some incident, private or public. These pass before the door whence shines the heavenly light. Are they transfigured? Sometimes, yes; sometimes, no. If nothing flames, silence is my portion.”

— John William Graham, 1920
The Faith of a Quaker

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In a worshipful space, focus on things that have “struck you freshly” in the last week, holding each thought in the “heavenly light.” Are they transfigured?

What is your process for centering in worship?

What does “centered-ness” mean to you? What does it feel like when you reach a centered state?