Less Like a Utopia and More Like a Crucible

“Community comes as a byproduct of commitment and struggle. It comes when we step forward to right some wrong, to heal some hurt, to give some service. [It] always means the collision of egos. It is less like Utopia than like a crucible or a refiner’s fire. […] Clearly community is a process. […] The core of the Quaker tradition is a way of inward seeking which leads to outward acts of integrity and service. Friends are most in the Spirit when they stand at the crossing point of the inward and outward life. And that is the intersection at which we find community.”

— Parker J. Palmer, 1977
A Place Called Community

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Think about someone in your community who rubs you the wrong way. Make a list of their positive attributes.

When conflict arises in your community, how do you respond?

If God is in every person, how does that inform your approach to conflict? When have you had a conflict that resulted in deeper trust and connection?