Celebrated for My Entire Self

“The surprising thing about my journey in the Quaker faith, is that despite it being a predominantly white faith community, I’m still able to show up as my entire self and not be penalized for it or punished for it, in fact to be celebrated for it.”

— Rashid Darden, 2023
“Growing the Community of Friends – Embracing Diversity in Quakerism,” QuakerSpeak.

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Watch the video linked above. Where or when have you felt most able to bring your whole self to community? How was this different from other places in your life? Write a few sentences of reflection.

How does diversity enrich your community?

What have you learned from those in your community who are different from you? What is the value of religious and theological diversity? What have you done to be a welcoming presence to people of diverse backgrounds, abilities, and identities in your community?