Painting Sanctuary

“This artwork [above] was made in protest to the U.S. Travel Ban implemented by Trump in February of 2017. [It takes] the title, ‘Beloved Community, Sanctuary Cities’, from both Martin Luther King, Jr.’s ideas of a beloved community, where all are equal and accepted, and the proclamation to be a place of sanctuary made by cities across the U.S., this painting is meant to be a hopeful vision to hold onto in our hearts and minds.”

— Sarah Paulsen, 2017 (art and quote)
Beloved Community, Sanctuary Cities

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Envision your sanctuary. Who is there? What are you doing?

How does diversity enrich your community?

What have you learned from those in your community who are different from you? What is the value of religious and theological diversity? What have you done to be a welcoming presence to people of diverse backgrounds, abilities, and identities in your community?