The Whole of Life is Sacramental

“It is a bold and colossal claim that we put forward — that the whole of life is sacramental, that there are innumerable ‘means of grace’ by which God is revealed and communicated — through nature and through human fellowship and through a thousand things that may become the ‘outward and visible sign’ of an ‘inward and spiritual grace.’”

A. Barrett Brown, 1932

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Take time today to notice when the sacred appears out of the mundane, looking for outward signs of inward grace.

How do you live your life to affirm the sacredness of the everyday?

How do you turn daily habits into opportunities for connection to Spirit? How have you noticed the sacred appear in the mundane?

This week’s messages are guest edited by Jon Watts, Quaker songwriter, videographer, and founder of Thee Quaker Project (the organization that publishes the Daily Quaker Message). Find out more about Jon.