The Heart of the Quaker Tradition

“When George Fox was initially on his spiritual quest to understand the true nature of faith and Christianity, he was living in the midst of full-on Christendom, that is state-sponsored Christianity or Christianity twisted to become comfortable acting as ‘the religion of empire.’

Fox, and then Margaret Fell, among the other early Quaker founders, were disillusioned with the way that the Christian tradition, which found its life-root in a poor Jewish prophet and teacher named Jesus, had been maligned into an oppressive religious system that upheld elites and created a type of caste system where the poor and working-class people of that time could only have access to God if they were on the good side of the church (and state). This was not all that different from Jesus’ time when he pressed against the then religious and imperial elites for disobeying God’s commands and it cost him his life.

The Quaker tradition at its very heart is built around the conviction that as the peoples of God we all can participate fully in the unfolding of God’s work in the world. No matter how inexperienced or unqualified we think we may be (1 Cor. 12:14).”

Wess Daniels, 2021
Becoming Co-workers with the Truth

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Seek to play your part in the unfolding of God’s work in the world, no matter how inexperienced or unqualified you think you may be. What is being asked of you today?

How do you live your life to affirm the sacredness of the everyday?

How do you turn daily habits into opportunities for connection to Spirit? How have you noticed the sacred appear in the mundane?

This week’s messages are guest edited by Jon Watts, Quaker songwriter, videographer, and founder of Thee Quaker Project (the organization that publishes the Daily Quaker Message). Find out more about Jon.