Images Are a Primary Language For the Soul

“Images are a more primary language for the soul than words, and for many they are an important way to receive inward spiritual guidance. Some inner images that come in prayer, meditation, or dreams contain great wisdom and truth. If contemplated, they may assist in needed transformation or healing or provide guidance leading toward a new way of doing things, a service that may be required, or the best possible future. Simply focusing on an image and allowing it to affect all one’s inner senses can help a person receive the wisdom, healing, and transforming power the image conveys.”

— Marcelle Martin, 2009
A Guide to Faithfulness Groups


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Choose a photo that you’ve taken in the last month to focus on during a few minutes of silent worship.

What attracts you to this image? Does it heal you? Give you hope? Stir a leading?

What spiritual exercises do you find nourishing?

What do you find yourself doing when you are stressed or upset? When you’re joyful? What does your body need before you can connect with Spirit?