Today I Went Noticing…

“Today I went noticing… and I noticed how the flooding across this gravel road created a lovely reflection of the sunrise and the telephone poles. I seriously looked all around for an interesting subject — a tree, a barn, something — to photograph at sunrise. But when the time came, the closest thing I could find was ditch water. And yet I think it will end up being my favorite photograph from the outing. I do really like it.”

— John Pattison, 2024 (photo and quote)
“Day 20: High Water Sunrise” 

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Go “noticing,” and take a picture of what you notice.

How do you see Spirit in the world around you today?

What spiritual exercises do you find nourishing?

What do you find yourself doing when you are stressed or upset? When you’re joyful? What does your body need before you can connect with Spirit?