Pursuing the Kingdom of God

Something becomes a spiritual practice once it is done with a sense of deliberate intention, with a purposeful determination. It also requires discipline. A spiritual practice requires regular practice! Spiritual disciplines root you in the present moment, and open you to mystical experience. It must be remembered however, that the central aim of any spiritual practice is not pleasure, or relaxation, or the heights of spiritual ecstasy, as delicious and wonderful though these are. Spiritual practice equips us more fully to pursue the Kingdom of God, which is justice, peace and joy.”

— Mark Russ, 2014
“Spiritual Grounding”

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Consider the relationship between discipline and joy in your life.
Talk to someone today about an accomplishment they are proud of.

What is the value of spirituality in your life?

How do you define spirituality? How has your spirituality changed over the course of your life? What is different when you are more or less connected to your spirituality?