The First Step to Peace

“Be still and cool in thy own mind and spirit, from thy own thoughts. Then thou wilt feel the principle of God, to turn thy mind to the Lord God, whereby thou wilt receive God’s strength and power from whence life comes, whereby thou wilt receive Gods strength to allay all blustering, storms, and tempests.”

— George Fox, 1658
Sung by Paulette Meier for QuakerSpeak, 2014

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Listen to Paulette Meier sing the above quote. Then write about a time that your spirituality has been a source of strength for you.

Is there anything on your heart today that requires strength?

What is the value of spirituality in your life?

How do you define spirituality? How has your spirituality changed over the course of your life? What is different when you are more or less connected to your spirituality?