Build Afresh the Fires of Inspiration

“We are a busy people (engaged in arduous occupations, in the work of the world, sometimes losing sight of the higher interests of life). And so we have been getting together every two years among other things to catch fresh inspiration from the look into each other’s faces, to learn from each other what can be done, what is being done, in the various fields of right and elevated effort, and to renew our zeal to build afresh the fires of inspiration.”

— William Birdsall at the 1906 Friends General Conference
Photo: Friends at the Mountain Park Lodge, 1906. Friends General Conference Records, Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College.


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Set out into the world to be inspired today. Be an explorer looking for something in another person – a gesture, a conversation, an action – that “renews your zeal.” Allow that zeal to refresh you.

How have your relationships with other people shaped your spirituality?

How does it feel to worship alone? As part of a community?