As Individuals, We See Only Partially

“Although God calls each of us personally, as individuals we see only partially. Individual perception, reasoning, and understanding are always limited. Even a person who feels absolutely certain that a specific revelation comes from God may be mistaken as to how it is to be applied. Because God often reveals part of the picture to one person and another part to another person, it is prudent to consult one another to discern God’s counsel, guidance, and direction, even if there is no apparent reason to do so. While circumstances sometimes require us to act without consulting others, the danger of arrogance and error in proceeding on our own can be great.”

— Suzanne G. Farnham, Joseph P. Gill, R. Taylor McLean, Susan M. Ward, 1991
Listening Hearts: Discerning Call in Community


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What is a question you are holding, large or small?

Get another person’s perspective on it.

How have your relationships with other people shaped your spirituality?

How does it feel to worship alone? As part of a community?