A Gathered Community

“[We do not want to] discount the experience of Friends who live at too great a distance from their meeting to participate regularly, nor to deny that each of us must come individually to a sense of what is right and true and essential in spiritual matters. But time and experience have proven the value of a close, responsive community in fostering individual spiritual growth, in testing and tempering individual leadings and individual understanding, and in supporting individuals as they are called to act or to suffer for religious principle. Worship in a gathered community is different in valuable ways from private devotion, and a coordinated group can accomplish far more in service and advocacy than individuals acting alone.

— Faith and Practice of Illinois Yearly Meeting, 2020


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What do you get out of seeking Spirit alone? As part of a community?

Make a list of similarities and differences.

How have your relationships with other people shaped your spirituality?

How does it feel to worship alone? As part of a community?